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man with a brown hat and sunglasses
man with a brown hat and sunglasses

So, you’re here to rework your wardrobe. You’re in luck—we’ve partnered with the most style-savvy Las Vegas fashion blogs and influencers to talk trends for both men and women!

Posts from the Las Vegas Fashion Pros

When She Roams: Shop 'Till You Dropit: Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Learn about fast, safe and fabulous shopping options and items available exclusively at Fashion Show Las Vegas.

Life by MJ: Dr. Martens at Fashion Show

Make a statement this fall with classic and trendy boots from Dr. Martens. Join MJ as she explores all of the latest and greatest styles for the season.

Life by MJ: Kate Spade x Fashion Show

Explore timeless fashion and experience 1950's vibes with the new Cherry and Jacquard collections from Kate Spade.

Monika Page: Guess Whose Anniversary It Is?

It's that time of the year again; time to save money on all your favorite brands at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

I Can Style U: Keep Your Cool with Tommy Bahama

Stay stylish, comfortable and cool (while looking totally hot!) this summer with seasonal finds from Tommy Bahama.

Life by MJ: How to Style a Headscarf

Jazz up your updo with a beautiful headscarf! Learn four different ways to incorporate a headscarf into your summer look.

I Can Style U: How to Clean a Coach Bag

Learn how to keep your favorite leather bag looking new and vibrant - no matter how long you have had it!

Life by MJ: Getting Ready for a Video Conference Call

Learn how you can stay comfy, yet chic, so you can handle your next remote video call like a boss!

I Can Style U: Wear a Mask but Make it Fashion

Check out these fashionable accessories that not only look good but help to keep you safe!

Life by MJ: 2020 Women’s Spring Fashion Trends at Nordstrom

Explore feminine cuts, glam basics and crop tops - all a part of a springtime fashion haul at Nordstrom.

I Can Style U: Eyewear Trends That Will Have You Seeing 2020 in Style

Visualize an amazing start to the new year through the lenses of these fashionable accessories.

The Nomis Niche: You Have To Try

Looking for an intriguing scent that'll have you hooked? Check out the latest fragrance by Jo Malone. 

I Can Style U: Johnny was Purveyor of Boho Chic

Are you a free spirited fashionista? If so, dash on over to Johnny Was for all the latest in Bohemian fashions. 

Life by MJ: Fall Boots X Fashion Show

Strut your stuff this Fall with a pair of stylish shoes/boots that'll be sure to have everyone looking.

I Can Style U: Make Your Mark with Tiffany & Co. Engraving

Want to make your gift perfect? Customize it with engraving done at Tiffany & Co.

Life by MJ: Athleisure Wear at Fashion Show Las Vegas

Does your workout gear need a makeover? Head on over to Fashion Show to get all you need to finish off your new Summer look.

The Nomis Niche: Fashion Show Las Vegas

Give your child personality with the outfit that he/she wears! Dash on over to our store at Fashion Show for great suggestions.

I Can Style U: Rituals at Macy's Fashion Show

Does your body need a little TLC? Head on over to Macy's and give your body a spa experience like no other. 

Life by MJ: “Kids Swim X Fashion Show”

Wanna make sure your kid is the most stylish no matter where they are? Head on over to our mall for all the latest styles and fashion trends for children. 

The Nomis Niche: Loving Right Now

Wanna know what trends are in style? Hop on over to Ollie's page and check out her latest suggestions!

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