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man with a brown hat and sunglasses
man with a brown hat and sunglasses

So, you’re here to rework your wardrobe. You’re in luck—we’ve partnered with the most style-savvy Las Vegas fashion blogs and influencers to talk trends for both men and women!

Posts from the Las Vegas Fashion Pros

Staple Sunnies to Boost Your Style & 'Specs Appeal' x Quay

Quay has everything you need to boost your outfits and specs appeal.  Express yourself today!

When She Roams: Shop 'Till You Dropit: Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Learn about fast, safe and fabulous shopping options and items available exclusively at Fashion Show Las Vegas.

Monika Page: Guess Whose Anniversary It Is?

It's that time of the year again; time to save money on all your favorite brands at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

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