be brave installation at FSLV
be brave installation at FSLV

Be Brave

Come experience Be Brave at Fashion Show Las Vegas near Macy’s court and be inspired. Be Brave is artwork designed by Chicago artist Matthew Hoffman.

Matthew Hoffman is a Chicago based artist & designer whose public works have been exhibited internationally. His ideas and work have been included in Good, the New York Times Magazine, and Ready Made. He has been published in books by Gestalten, Droog, and Taschen, and was featured in a segment on the Oprah network.

“I think it's important to surround yourself with positive affirmations.    I see the full text of this piece saying "be brave, be yourself!" In a world that sometimes makes us feel like we should fit in or blend in - it can sometimes feel scary to put yourself out there. This is a reminder that we should always be brave about how we feel”. – Matthew Hoffman

matthew hoffman